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Info about the Eighth Judicial District Court.

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Two months after Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak issued a state of emergency due to Coronavirus and the court operations transformed to comply with safety measures, the wheels of justice continue to turn; but things look different. Nearly everyone is masked. There are signs everywhere to caution visitors about safe practices. Juries are still on hold and paper is unwanted.

Flags flew at half-staff as ordered by the governor to honor Las Vegas Strip icon Roy Horn, who reportedly passed away due to the Coronavirus.

The building and the people stand ready for the next phase that will bring more visitors back to the courthouse that touches the life of  every member of the community. 

Nevada Declaration of Emergency

Declaration of Emergency Directive 009 (Revised).4-01-20 (2)

Roadmap to Recovery


Court COVID-19 Administrative Order Summary AOsummaryChart1_14

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As we begin 2017, we bid a fond farewell to Judge David Barker, who retired at the end of 2016 after 32 years of public service. We remember the sad passing of Judge Susan Scann, while we extend a warm welcome to Judge David Jones, who has since been appointed to Department 29. We also look to replace Judge Jessie Walsh, who retires this month after 13 years on the bench. So, it’s moving season for District Court. As part of the moving process we are relocating two groups of judges who hear common cases: business, probate and guardianship, to be in closer proximity to each other. This new arrangement should facilitate workflow and improve efficiency for all those involved with these case types.

There will be a total of nine court location changes including:

Dept. 7 Judge Linda Marie Bell will move to Courtroom 15A

Dept. 11 Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez will move to Courtroom TBA case-by-case

Dept. 13 Judge Mark R. Denton will move to Courtroom 3D

Dept. 14 Judge Adriana Escobar will move to Courtroom 14C

Dept. 15 Judge Joseph “Joe” Hardy Jr. will move to Courtroom 3H

Dept. 18 Sr. Judge Courtroom will move to Phoenix Bldg. 11th Floor

Dept. 20 Judge Louis Eric Johnson will move to 12A

Dept. 25 Judge Kathleen Delaney will move to Courtroom 3F

Dept. 26 Judge J. Sturman will move to Courtroom 10D

Below is a complete list of all the District Court courtrooms at the Regional Justice Center and the Phoenix building.

Eighth Judicial District Court at the Regional Justice Center

Dept. 1 Judge Kenneth C. Cory Courtroom 16A

Dept. 2 Judge Richard Scotti Courtroom 11D

Dept. 3 Judge Douglas W. Herndon Courtroom 16C

Dept. 4 Judge Kerry Earley Courtroom 16B

Dept. 5 Judge Carolyn Ellsworth Courtroom 16D

Dept. 6 Judge Elissa Cadish Courtroom 15B

Dept. 7 Judge Linda Marie Bell Courtroom 15A

Dept. 8 Judge Douglas E. Smith Courtroom 11B

Dept. 9 Judge Jennifer Togliatti Courtroom 10C

Dept. 10 Vacant Courtroom 14B

Dept. 11 Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez Courtroom TBA case-by-case

Dept. 12 Judge Michelle Leavitt Courtroom 14D

Dept. 13 Judge Mark R. Denton Courtroom 3D

Dept. 14 Judge Adriana Escobar Courtroom 14C

Dept. 15 Judge Joseph “Joe” Hardy Jr. Courtroom 3H

Dept. 16 Judge Timothy Williams Courtroom 12D

Dept. 17 Judge Michael Villani Courtroom 11A

Dept. 18 Vacant Courtroom Phoenix Bldg. 11th Floor

Dept. 19 Judge William “Bill” Kephart Courtroom 3E

Dept. 20 Judge Eric Johnson 12A

Dept. 21 Judge Valerie Adair Courtroom 11C

Dept. 22 Judge Susan Johnson Courtroom 15D

Dept. 23 Judge Stefany Miley Courtroom 12C

Dept. 24 Judge Jim Crockett Courtroom Phoenix Bldg. 11th Floor

Dept. 25 Judge Kathleen Delaney Courtroom 3F

Dept. 26 Judge J. Sturman Courtroom 10D

Dept. 27 Judge Nancy L. Allf Courtroom 3A

Dept. 28 Judge Ronald J. Israel Courtroom 15C

Dept. 29 Judge David Jones Courtroom 3B

Dept. 30 Judge Jerry A. Wiese II Courtroom 14A

Dept. 31 Judge Joanna S. Kishner Courtroom 12B

Dept. 32 Judge Rob Bare Courtroom 3C

Dept. H Judge T. Arthur Ritchie, Jr. Courtroom 3G

Dept. M Judge Bill Potter Courtroom 10B

Dept. S Judge Vincent Ochoa Courtroom 10A

If you need help finding courts, download the free Courtfinder app. Courtfinder, developed by the District Court Information Technology division with Judge David Barker, displays updated dockets in real-timefor the courts located at the Regional Justice Center. The application is easy to use and free to download from the Google Play and iphone app stores.

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The escalators have been out of commission at the Regional Justice Center for several weeks, leaving many to wonder: What’s up with the escalators? It’s not unusual to see the moving marvels out of commission in public buildings, the mall or anywhere they’re found. They’re usually down for a day or two. This time, it is more than a stray paperclip or one of the other minor problems that usually plague escalators everywhere. This time, it is the very chains that keep the stairs escalating. Those chains are custom made and come all the way from Germany. That explains the wait. A few of the needed parts have arrived but a few more parts are still needed. Meanwhile, the stairs are being steamed so they’ll be sparkling clean and ready for installation when the parts do come. A “reliable source” reports a recent estimate for completion on the repairs is set for mid-December. Hopefully, that means the escalators will be up and running by the New Year. It’s a good time to be thankful for the improvements to the elevator programming and the opening of the south entrance for jurors, attorneys and law enforcement and for all the new online functions. Oh, and there is a silver lining. Health websites report: climbing a flight of stairs (12 steps) three times burns 15 calories, improves cardiovascular health and best of all builds muscle. So, climbing eight flights of steps three times, will burn enough calories to allow one to enjoy a small ice cream bar guilt-free (after you catch your breath). Maybe climbing the stairs could be a New Year’s resolution.

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