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A celebration of life for Melanie Kushnir was standing room only on Friday, June 3. The speakers included Barbara Buckley, the Executive Director of the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, where Melanie worked; Nevada Supreme Court Justice Michael Douglas;  Josh Reisman, the Regional Chair of the Anti-Defamation League, and colleagues/friends. Melanie’s passion for life and for her work to ensure that financial challenges were not a barrier to justice, resonated through each of the speakers. Her colleague Dan Waite hit the perfect note when he said, “Melanie is gonna’ be upset if she knows we have this many attorneys here and we don’t sign them up for pro bono work.” A justice fellowship fund has been set up in Melanie’s name through the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, and they are still taking volunteers for pro bono work.


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Timothy Kuhls is a relative newcomer who landed in Las Vegas in 2014 after a stint in New Jersey. Newly hired by Springel & Fink and waiting to pass the Nevada Bar, he used his spare time wisely by doing pro bono work at the urging of the man who just gave him a job, Lenny Fink a partner at Springel & Fink.

After thorough training, Tim took a pro bono case representing three siblings revolving through foster care due to their parents’ issues with substance abuse. He is currently representing the children on a fourth abuse/neglect petition filed against their natural parents and their termination of parental rights case. His nomination for the Pro Bono Award noted that a CAP attorney observed Tim during a TPR trial commented that he was doing an “amazing job” as the children’s counsel to ensure their permanency wishes were heard by the court and their legal interests were protected. That’s what earned him the honor of May pro bono attorney, for which he was given an award at the Civil Judges meeting by Presiding Civil Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez and a photo op with the judges.

Fulfilment, experience, respect, recognition and a great feeling are some of the benefits of doing pro bono work for those in need. Many of those in need are children. Information on volunteer opportunities is available at 702-386-1422 or visit

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