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Info about the Eighth Judicial District Court.

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News headlines depict a student body facing unprecedented challenges and trauma.  The Establishing Trauma Informed Schools Summit that was held April 13 offered training to Clark County School District (CCSD) and charter school personnel, staff and teachers, as well as law enforcement and court personnel to effectively handle suicide prevention, counter violence and extremism, serve as a trusted adult, recognize risk factors of those who may be suicidal and to handle the aftermath appropriately.

More than 250 attended the summit that featured speakers including:  Eighth Judicial District Court Judge William Voy,  Richard Egan, Office of Suicide Prevention, Denise Parker, Department of Family Services, Richard Egan, Office of Suicide Prevention, Cesar Lemos, Director/Department of Juvenile Justice, Jae Beasley, Federal Bureau of Investigations, and Joe Roberts, CCSD Threat Assessments.

It is recognized that trauma affects brain development, the body, behaviors, thinking, self-concept and relationships. Research indicates that one out of every four children attending school has been exposed to a traumatic event that can affect learning and/or behavior. The goal with trauma-informed schools is to help children feel safe so they can learn. The idea is that social and emotional well being have to be addressed to remove stress and facilitate the learning process.

Attendees were given information and tools including:

A first-responders’ checklist.

Children’s responses to traumatic incidences.

Development stages affect how children interpret their fear and how they experience traumatic reaction to death.

Developmental Issues of Grieving Children and How to Help.

The summit was hosted by: the Office of Suicide Prevention, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department , the Eighth Judicial District Court , the Clark County School District  and the Charter School Association of Nevada.



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The Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court In Las Vegas Receives Prestigious Star Award For High Performance
Court Recognized For Creativity, Innovation, High Performance, Positive Contributions To The Judiciary And Sound Leadership

The Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court in Las Vegas received the prestigious Star Award for high performance from the executive board of the Nevada Association of Court Executives (NACE). The criteria for selection include: creativity, innovation, high performance, positive contributions to the judiciary and sound leadership.

The court’s leadership was praised by NACE citing: “strong and sound judicial leadership” “serving as an exemplary model of the separate, co-equal and competent judicial branch of government by demonstrating both independence and public accountability.” The court was also commended for innovation with the specialty courts that result in reduced criminal recidivism and improved quality of life and public health and safety.

The District Court’s fiscal responsibility was praised for “achieving five consecutive years within target budgets in unusually austere economic times.”

Important technological innovations were acclaimed in the award including: “mandatory electronic filing/paperless court, state-of-the–art case management and social media-based applications, all of which increase access to justice, expedition of timeliness, public trust and confidence.” In January, District Court released Courtfinder, a free smart-phone app that puts the daily dockets in the palm of users’ hands. It is the first smart-phone app of its kind in the nation.

“On behalf of the judges at the Eighth Judicial District Court, I am truly honored to accept this very prestigious award,” said District Court Chief Judge Jennifer P. Togliatti. “This award is a credit to the outstanding work that our judges do everyday, and to their unwavering commitment to ensure that justice is served in a timely and impartial manner. It is also a credit to the hard work and dedication of all of our court employees.”

The adaptation of the justice center, parking, equipment configuration for construction of new courtrooms and judicial department facilities was another significant accomplishment cited in the award. After years of careful strategic planning, streamlining processes, and maximizing space and efficiency, eight new courtrooms officially opened in January and have done much to improve access. To make way for the new courtrooms, more than 30 million pages of legal documents were scanned and converted to electronic files. The courtrooms and related offices now occupy space that was formerly used to store files.

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DSC_0401Las Vegas A-Tech High School Seniors Mock Court Case On Prison Break

Advanced Technologies Academy Students Get Real World Experience In Engineering, Business And Law With The Help Of Businesses And The Eighth Judicial District Court

Senior students from Advanced Technologies Academy held court on a fictional prison break in a mock trial today, Apr. 24 at 9 a.m. at the at the Eighth Judicial District Court, in the Regional Justice Center, before real District Court Judge Joanna Kishner. Students from the legal studies program served as attorneys in the case, while students from the business management and administration, architectural drafting and design, and engineering programs served as expert witnesses, defendants or jurors. Members of the Advanced Technologies Academy advisory board also helped facilitate the trial and took part in the jury. This trial serves as the culminating event for the 2012-2013 senior cross-curricular capstone project.

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The Truancy Diversion Project (TDP) volunteers who keep kids in school got high marks and praise for their work. The purpose of the TDP is to be an effective tool assisting the Clark County School District to reduce absenteeism and the dropout rate and thereby reducing the number of students entering the formal juvenile justice court system. To volunteer e-mail

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