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Info about the Eighth Judicial District Court.

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Students at Mt. View Elementary School on East Kell Lane got an early Thanksgiving treat when District Court judges, staff and other volunteers dished up turkey, the fixings and pie at an early Thanksgiving dinner for students and their families. The District court bench pitched in to help sponsor the event, along with local businesses.  Judge Kephart has made it an annual event to host an early Thanksgiving dinner for  for a school with families who could use a boost.

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The Apr. 10 noon Civil Bench Bar Meeting in courtroom 10D, will offer attorneys an alternative to a boring, unproductive lunch, with a lunch meeting filled with useful information and networking.

Judge Joanna Kishner will give the latest details from the Civil Rules Committee. A panel discussion by the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section of the State Bar of Nevada will offer useful information on the ADR Program and how mediation can enhance your practice. A summary will also be given on the latest cases coming out of the Nevada Supreme Court. The meeting sponsor is the ADR Section of the State Bar of Nevada. Lunch limited to the first 60 attendees.

Top tip of the month: Notifying the Clerk’s office when counsel changes on a case. Proper notification will ensure that correspondence and service go to the right place to help attorneys stay on top of their cases.

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Judge Kathleen Delaney had a fifth grade class from St. Viator’s sit in on her calendar. After watching the wheels of justice turn in the courtroom, the wheels in the students’ minds were turning. They asked the judge some very thoughtful questions. One student got a big laugh when he asked the judge if she ever got frustrated with what happens in court.

Students from the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law spent part of their spring break in an alternative program where they learn about the practice of law and the courts. They sat in on court, attended a judges meeting and got some Q&A time in with the judges.

District Court is involved in a number of initiatives to educate students about the justice system.

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A ribbon-cutting marked the official opening for the new courthouse for the Supreme Court of Nevada and the Nevada Court of Appeals on March 27.   A who’s-who of officials were present for the celebration that took place on the same day that the Raiders NFL team announced they were moving to Las Vegas. The mood was jovial, and at one point a caravan of Raider revelers drove near honking and celebrating.  It was a perfect launch for the latest addition to the downtown “corridor of justice.” The new courthouse at 408 E. Clark Ave. was completed in just 14 months. Justice James Hardesty, credited for directing construction was given a standing ovation for his work on the project.

According to a ribbon-cutting program, the new courthouse is intended to reflect the importance of the building’s use and the permanence of justice. The Supreme Court courtroom in the basement of Library of Congress in Washington, DC was the inspiration for much of the design. The front doors are bronze and were inspired by the U.S. Supreme Court Building.

The courthouse was constructed using quality materials and fine detail.  The 17 counties in Nevada and state and Nevada Supreme Court seals are carved in stone on the eaves. Lady Justice tops a copper dome with her sword at the ready to strike down injustice.  There are many other details that make this building special; but to do it justice, you have to see it.

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