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Criminal Caseflow FINAL 9 21 2015

Two new administrative orders (15-10, 15-11) have been issued by Chief Judge David Barker that outline changes to Eighth Judicial District assignments. These changes include broadening the departments that may now be assigned conflict, recusal, DQ, or peremptory challenge cases in Probate or Guardianship from the primary judge.

  • Civil /Criminal Assignment Matrix (8/2015),
  • Criminal Case Flow Model (9/21/15), and
  • Administrative Order 15-11(9/16/15).

Effective Sept. 21, the distribution of criminal NLVJC cases for Track 2 has expanded to include Judge Togliatti. This will balance out the NLVJC 1 assignments.

Judge Israel is now hearing the Eviction / TPO appeals calendar from Judge Togliatti.

Judge Togliatti will continue hearing the Competency calendar and is added back into the NLVJC 1 rotation with Judge Walsh.

Judge Sturman continues hearing Probate.

Judge(s) Gonzalez, Earley, Allf have Probate conflicts.

Judge Steel continues hearing Guardianship.

Judge(s) Sturman, Miley, Allf have Guardianship conflicts.

Judge Allf will be assisting Judge Scann in hearing certain Business Court Cases consistent with Administrative Order 15-11.

There have been no physical moves or changes in contact numbers.

See the administrative orders at


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Electronic filing will be mandatory in the Eighth Judicial District Court on October 1, 2012 for all Criminal case filings. A copy of the Administrative Order can be found at the following link:

Our current electronic filing vendor is Tyler Technologies. Their website can be found at; their customer service telephone number is 1-800-297-5377.

The court will be providing a limited number of workstations for filing in the Courthouse for use by pro se litigants.

If you have any questions about the Court’s requirements or processes, you can contact the Eighth Judicial District Court’s E-filing desk at (702) 671-0514 (Civil/Criminal).

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