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Info about the Eighth Judicial District Court.

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Laquedra Parks has a big smile and a determined personality. Her determination is what helped her make it through the Southern Desert Regional Police Academy. She graduated on June 23 and will begin serving as a court marshal on June 27. Laquedra left her desk job as a receptionist for the District Court to go through 23 weeks of tough police academy training. A graduation video showed the trainees getting tased, fighting, running and other grueling training to prepare them for the job. There was a lot of talk about integrity during the graduation. The academy commander Lt. Walt Dennison summed it up well; he said, “If someone does not have integrity, they do not belong in the field of law enforcement.”

Graduation was a proud moment for Laquedra. Her already big smile was a little brighter as District Court Chief Judge David Barker pinned the official badge on her uniform.

The courts are some of the most frequented facilities in Southern Nevada. Thousands pass through the courthouse doors each day and the marshals who protect the gates and courtrooms are responsible for the safety of all those who enter. It takes high caliber individuals to meet this challenge and complete the training to be a court marshal.

District Court has a Police Academy Recruitment Program. Military veterans are encouraged to apply and may be eligible to receive help to cover the costs for the Criminal Justice Academy P.O.S.T. certification. The court is working with the Nevada Partners, Las Vegas Urban League, the Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation and the College of Southern Nevada to sponsor military veterans for the Criminal Justice Academy P.O.S.T. certification. The Police Academy Recruitment Program gives veterans who have successfully completed their service a good career path. It is also to help the court fill the many marshal vacancies with the high-caliber individuals needed to fill those important jobs. Weeks of Criminal Justice Academy P.O.S.T. certification training will ready the veterans for a potential career keeping citizens who visit the court safe. Joseph Ortega and Gustavo Molina are successful graduates of the program and now serve to protect the courthouse. Veterans who are interested in the program can email



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Courthouses are dynamic and often intense environments. New challenges come up every day. Chief Judge Jennifer Togliatti recently wrote in the Clark County Bar Association’s Communiqué magazine on the Eighth JD Court’s focus on improving access to justice and building public trust and confidence. She noted that a lot of progress has been made in the areas of technology, efficiency and security, with more on the way including:

  • The court is implementing upgrades to e-filing.
  • Upgrades will be made to restitution court in the juvenile area.
  • Internal computer systems are being upgraded to expedite business throughout the court.
  • Electronic dispositions to the state are being automated.
  • Criminal fine and fee collections are being automated.
  • Jury Services will see improvements as we make more functions available online and look to add self-service kiosks.
  • Case management is being fine-tuned to give judges a clear and efficient view of the status of their caseloads to improve time to disposition.
  • A new program will be rolled-out to provide touch screen capability to improve the functionality of viewing cases.
  • Significant steps have been made to improve courthouse safety and security including: improving marshal training, creating a dedicated internal affairs bureau, enhancing procedures and increasing our hiring qualifications.
  • Policies, procedures and training are being refined and updated to meet the needs in the important and ever-evolving area of security.

Progress takes continuous evaluation and work. The court is open to new ideas to make operations better and more efficient. If you have ideas we want to hear what they are. 

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