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Info about the Eighth Judicial District Court.


This is a link to a copy of the Declaration of Emergency update from the office of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, effective April 1, 2020 : Declaration of Emergency Directive 009 (Revised).4-01-20 (2)

Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court Chief Judge Linda Bell provided information today after the updated emergency declaration, “The Governor has extended the stay at home restrictions through April 30.

The Governor has also issued a directive that “Any specific time limit for the commencement of any legal action is hereby tolled from the date of this Directive until 30 days from the date the state of emergency declared on March 12, 2020 is terminated.”

Cases in essential areas must go forward. Judges in non-essential case types already have had the ability to continue or hear by alternative means.  Judges handling civil cases must be reviewing cases to see if there are any urgent matters to be decided, especially cases that relate to the current pandemic. Same goes for Family Division judges and custody matters – it will be critical for judges to review all custody motions to see if they would be considered essential.

We will continue to operate under the Administrative Orders that have been issued.  I will issue a new Administrative Order soon extending all of the prior orders and addressing some other issues have come up.  To the extent the AOs impact your work, please make sure you are familiar with them and follow them.  With so many changes, consistency is critical.”

In the memo to court staff Judge Bell wrote, “Please be safe and stay healthy. Each one of you is a valuable member of our court family.”

The chief judge of the largest court in the state also provide links to useful information and resources including: A link to the CDC web page providing information about what to do if you are sick.

The Declaration of Emergency update effective April 1, 2020 from the office of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak: Declaration of Emergency Directive 009 (Revised).4-01-20 (2)

All the Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court orders related to COVID-19 can  be found in one searchable chart at AOsummaryChart3_31_20 Once in the document, press cont F and enter a key word to search.

A call center at 702-455-4472 is taking calls to assist with rescheduling court appearance, arranging for appearance by alternative means or provide other information based on the circumstances of the appearance.

To schedule a remote hearing or learn what options are available visit:

All Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court administrative orders related to COVID-19 can also be found on the court website:

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