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Info about the Eighth Judicial District Court.

It is reported that Clark County graduation rates are on the rise for the second year. The District Court Truancy Diversion/Keeping Kids in School program has been working with the Clark County School District and other community organizations  toward the goal of improving graduation rates to ensure a brighter future for students in Clark County.

The Eighth Judicial District Court administers the Truancy Diversion Program (TDP) in collaboration with the Clark County School District (CCSD), the Nevada State Public Charter School and the Achievement School District. More than 1,600 students participated in the truancy diversion program in the 2017/2018 school year. The Truancy Diversion Program uses volunteers who motivate students to stay in school and graduate. The volunteers visit their designated school accompanied by a TDP facilitator for approximately three hours each week to hold truancy court sessions at schools. They promote and support academic achievement using a team approach to an individual student success plan involving students and their parents. They review the students’ attendance, school work, and progress to ensure that they have the resources needed to be successful.

Keeping Kids in School Summits hosted by the Eighth Judicial District Court, the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority and the Clark County School District have been held over the past two years to bring those involved in education, justice and youth services together to cover techniques to safeguard the rights of vulnerable youth.

District Court Judge William Voy currently oversee the TDP. “As a judge who hears juvenile cases, I see firsthand the importance of education and graduation,” said Judge Voy. “The Truancy Diversion Program has proven to be an effective, non-punitive, incentive-based approach to re-engage at-risk students with truancy problems. It is a proactive way to prevent and reduce youth crime and avert potential costs to our welfare and justice systems.”

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