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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Every well-known Las Vegas historical figure has likely come in contact with the courts and the jurists who presided over the countless cases that have worked their way through to justice. Today, the Eighth Judicial District Court unveiled 95 portraits dating back as far as 1910 when District Court commenced with just one department. Outside each civil/criminal department, portraits now hang with jurists who served in the department at a point in time during the court’s fast evolving past. The mostly stoic photos are black and white and look like they are out of an episode of Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire or another bygone era. They show a strong contrast from today, with a bench made up of more than 50 percent women.

It took years to track down the portraits for the wall of history project that was spearheaded by Judge Valorie Vega. She is a court historian of sorts and felt it was important to showcase them and the history they invoke. A treasure-trove of old portraits was uncovered in the courthouse basement and Judge Vega beat the bushes to get the rest to provide a complete 100-plus-year history of District Court. The installation of the 95 portraits was done in one day, in time for the Nevada sesquicentennial celebration.

Judge David Barker, who is the incoming chief judge, thanked Judge Vega for her work on the project and for what it signifies. He said, “Each portrait has a beginning date and ending date. For me it starts at 2007 with a dash. That tells me what begins, ends; what we do matters. We are part of this legacy as judges and we should also recognize the people that stand behind us.”

The Eighth Judicial District Court now has 52 departments that serve the more than 2 million Clark County residents, plus visitors. In fiscal year 2013, 11,757 criminal cases were filed, 23,865 civil cases were filed, 52,538 family cases were filed, and 7,514 juvenile cases were filed. In District Court, history is made every day.

Judge Vega closed out the ceremony by saying, “This is my last team effort and I really appreciate being able to make this contribution with everybody’s assistance.”

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Ninety-five portraits will offer a glimpse into court history in honor of the Nevada sesquicentennial celebration. The Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court will unveil a court wall of history project on Friday, Sept. 26 at 11:30 a.m. at the Regional Justice Center on the 16th floor at 200 Lewis Ave., in time to mark the 150th anniversary of the state. The project includes 95 portraits of District Court judges dating all the way back to the inception of the court with just one department in 1910.

The Eighth Judicial District Court now has 52 departments that serve the more than 2 million Clark County residents, plus visitors. In fiscal year 2013, 11,757 criminal cases were filed, 23,865 civil cases were filed, 52,538 family cases were filed, and 7,514 juvenile cases were filed.

“The wall of history project offers a glimpse into the court history and the judges who have served the community to ensure justice. It is a reminder of how our justice system has grown and evolved since 1910,” said Judge Valorie Vega. “It was a privilege to see this project through to completion.” Judge Vega spearheaded the project that was completed in time for the sesquicentennial celebration.

“Judge Vega’s work and commitment to the court history project are truly appreciated,” said Chief District Court Judge Jennifer Togliatti. “The court has been an integral part of the history of Nevada. The wall of history project is an important visible reminder of those who have served to dispense justice in a fair and timely manner and have worked to build the justice system in our community.”

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A View from the Bench is an interactive discussion of recent Nevada Supreme Court Cases presented by a panel of our distinguished Business Court Judges on Friday, September 19 from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Regional Justice Center (200 Lewis Ave., Las Vegas), Courtroom 3A. Join Judge Nancy Allf (Moderator), Discovery Commissioner Bonnie Bulla, Judge Kathleen Delaney, Judge Mark Denton, and Judge Susan Scann. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Participants also get 1.5 General CLE credits. The cost of admission is acceptance of one pro bono case or two Ask-A-Lawyer sessions. View available pro bono cases and Ask-A-Lawyer ppportunities at Register online at: For more information, contact the Pro Bono Project
at or (702)386-1444.

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Without any white smoke or any other fanfare today, Judge David Barker was voted to be the new chief judge of the Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court. A vote was taken during the personnel session of an all-judges meeting. From outside the doors of courtroom 12A at the Regional Justice Center, a loud cheer could be heard. Judges trickled out passing on the news. The vote was unanimous for Judge Barker.

The new chief will officially move into the role on Jan. 1 next year. He succeeds Chief Judge Jennifer Togliatti who is term-limited after serving in the role for four years. “I am honored and appreciate the unanimous vote of confidence from my judicial colleagues for me in this leadership role of chief judge,” said Judge Barker. “I want to continue to advance efficiencies and technology at the Eighth Judicial District Court. Chief Judge Togliatti has done an exceptional job of addressing challenging issues and bringing technological advancements to the court. I will continue the momentum to improve court operations and services, and look forward to the challenges the role of chief judge brings.”

Judge Barker took the District Court bench in 2007. He has served on the judicial executive committee for several years, helping to set goals and chart a strategic plan for the court. Prior to serving as a judge, he worked for the District Attorney’s Office and spent some time in private practice. During the last 15 years as a Chief Deputy District Attorney, Judge Barker worked in numerous divisions including, criminal track team chief, screening, and Grand Jury/Financial crimes. He graduated from the University of California Irvine, and received his Juris Doctorate from the Pepperdine School of Law.

Throughout his career, Judge Barker has generously given time to the Bar and Community as a member of the Southern Nevada Disciplinary Board and as a coach with Nevada State Bar sponsored High School Mock Trial program and other programs to advance education on the justice system.

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The next Eighth Judicial District Court Civil Bench Bar Meeting will be at 12:05 p.m. tomorrow, September 9 in courtroom 15D at the Regional Justice Center. The Civil Bench Bar is designed to bring the judiciary and members of the bar together to discuss ways to improve the processing and handling of civil matters. All members of the bar are welcome. Lunch will be provided. The agenda covers a variety of topics including:
Review and discussion of Last Month’s NV Supreme Court Civil Decisions:
NRCP 45 Subpoena Costs (refundable to non-party)
Sealing of Records—Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez
Judicial Websites—Mary Ann Price, PIO
Upcoming Dates/Events:
Howard D. McKibben Chapter of American Inns of Court, September 16, 2014, 5:15 p.m., RJC Canyon (south side)
Civil-Bench Bar Meeting, October 14, 2014, 12:05 p.m., Courtroom 15D

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Gloria Lee appeared today for a pre-trial conference in Judge David Barker’s court. New video evidence has been entered into the case. Lee’s attorney submitted an oral motion to re-schedule the trial. The judge denied the oral motion and advised the defense counsel to submit a written motion for consideration. Counsel for the District Attorney acknowledged that preliminary discussions have occurred on an offer. Judge Barker set Sept. 8 to rule on a motion to modify terms of pretrial release. The calendar call is currently set for Oct. 1 with trial set for Oct. 6. Lee is charged with 31 counts of attempted cruelty to animals, arson with intent to defraud insurer, insurance fraud and attempted theft.

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When you’re trying to seal a case, time is of the essence. Attorneys filing petitions to seal cases in Clark County should be aware that the District Attorney’s Office only reviews cases for sealing records that have resulted in charges from either a Justice Court township jurisdiction or Clark County District Court. In the past, the DA’s office would seal municipal cases. A separate petition must be submitted to Municipal Courts to seal cases in city jurisdictions.

To avoid a possible delay of processing record sealing submissions, include the required criminal history from the Central Repository. Nevada Revised Statute 179.245 on sealing records after conviction requires that a current, verified criminal history from the Central Repository in Carson City, Nevada must be included with the submission documents. The District Attorney’s office website addresses the statute on record sealing at
To see the NRS visit:

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